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Hannes Bachofner

Hannes Bachofner

Hannes Bachofner

Producer - Recording/Mixing Engineer - Songwriter

Hannes Bachofner is a producer, songwriter, recording and mixing engineer based in Zurich. His work covers a variety of different styles, mainly metal, rock and pop. He mastered the art of capturing acoustic instruments in every detail, from drums and guitars up to entire orchestras, as well as the secrets of electronic sound creation. As a synth nerd he loves to twist knobs for hours on end on his different hardware synths until he finds the perfect sound.

Hannes is not only a technical wizard but also a musical mastermind, the multi-instrumentalist knows his way around drums, bass, guitars and keyboards/synths and is even experienced in arranging for small orchestras. With his own projects “Cybiotic“ and “Noctopods“ he’s releasing his own music, ranging from heavy-hitting metal to EDM. As an active musician himself he therefore perfectly understands the language of the artists he’s working with, combinig musical knowledge and vibe together with tech-skills and the mind of a perfectionist to deliver great songs and mixes for his clients. All while making sure everyone has a lot of fun while doing what we all love!

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